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At YogApulia we offer yoga retreats for those new to the practice and more advanced students wishing to deepen their practice. We have some wonderful teachers coming in 2023 and we look forward to welcoming both teachers & practitioners.  

"Amazing place for a yoga retreat, possibly one of the best. The location is absolutely perfect: surrounded by olive trees, you can easily immerse in your yoga practice (the shala has wonderful views of the valley), chill by the pool or go for a walk. The food is simply delicious and the hosts are super welcoming and really make you feel like you're there to visit friends. Highly recommended" - Vanessa, London

APRIL 2023


Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Flow

with Rémy Israel Mendelgwaig 

22nd - 28th April

I invite you to join my yoga retreat in YogApulia in April 2023, the best time to enjoy this beautiful land.


Ashtanga Retreat With Marie & Lorraine  from Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg

29th April - 5th May

More details coming soon...

MAY 2023


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat With Sandra Howling 

6th- 12th May

A week of ashtanga yoga with Sandra who teaches primary, intermedia and first half of advanced A.


Ashtanga Yoga  Retreat with Donna Southwell

13th -  19th May

Join Donna, KPJAYI authorised level 2 for daily guided self practice, along with afternoon workshops

romana and sascha.jpeg

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Sascha & Romana

Week 1 : 20th - 26th May

Week 2: 27th May - 2nd June

Join Sascha and Romana for 1 or 2 weeks of breathwork, meditation, ashtanga yoga and restorative yin style yoga

June  2023


Women's Retreat  with Veronica Santini

3rd - 8th June

The daily yoga and meditation practices will be designed with the woman’s body in mind and will take you through a journey to connect to your innate feminine wisdom and inner power

profilo sito.jpg

Ashtanga Yoga Twindharma Summer Retreat

10th- 15th June

The retreat program includes the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga every morning, three afternoons in-depth technical workshops and meditation in the evening.


"Sattva Yoga Summer Retreat"  

17th - 23rd June

Celebration of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

Welcoming the energy of the SUN for inner illumination


Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Philippa Asher

24th - 30th June

One  week of ashtanga yoga, philosophy and technique with Philippa Asher one of a small number of certified teachers globally. 

One place remaining

JULY  2023


Truth, Grace and Beauty Yoga Retreat with Verity and Annabelle

1st - 7th July

Offering you the opportunity to sample a wide vista of yoga practices,

all designed with you at the centre.


Ashtanga and Yin retreat with Inna and Martha

8th -14th July

Join Inna and Martha for a  week of silent meditation, ashtanga yoga, YinYoga workshops and pranayama 

Padmasana (Crop).png

Ashtanga Yoga retreat with Eloisa & Ian

15th- 21st July

Join Eloisa and Ian for a week-long Ashtanga Yoga retreat in the peaceful, lush setting of YogApulia in southern Italy. 


Michael Ryan

22nd  - 28th  July

Slow steady movement practices, daily meditations, breathwork and healing techniques all designed to allow a deep releasing of the stress and tension we carry.


Radiant heart, womb wisdom, a 50hr yin & yinyang journey 

with Eleanor Whiteley

29th July - 4th August

Daily self massage, morning vinyasa yoga, evening yin yoga, theory, journaling,

meditation, pranayama & cacao ceremonies

AUGUST  2023


Ashtanga Yoga Italia Summer Retreat with Rosa Tagliafierro & Fabio Petruzzi

Week One: 5th - 11th August

Daily ashtanga yoga and mindfulness meditation & in depth workshops


Ashtanga Yoga Italia Summer Retreat with Rosa Tagliafierro & Fabio Petruzzi

Week Two: 12th -18th August

Daily ashtanga yoga and mindfulness meditation & in depth workshops


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with John Scott & Julia Grant -Scott

20th August - 1st September

12 days of  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Intensive will be presented as an Assisted Guided Self-Practice

Fully booked


Portrait Heike.jpg

Ashtanga Yoga and Swimming Retreat
with Heike Katharina Schmidt and Kathrin Lamm

2nd - 8th September

Morning Mysore style ashtanga yoga sessions and swimming sessions in the afternoon - Art of Swimming Method founded by Steven Shaw. Vedic chanting, prāṇāyāma and meditation evening sessions


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat with Claire Berghorst

9th - 15th September

An opportunity to explore our practice, look deeper, find new strength... and softness, a connection to ourselves; and then take that back off the mat into our lives with loving kindness.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat with Silke Hurtz

16th - 22nd September

Daily meditation, pranayama, my sore style self practice..


Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with  Tom Norrington-Davies

23rd - 29th September

Join Tom for a week of Mysore style Astanga Yoga in the stunning surrounds of Puglia



"Investigation into the Self and the Art of Practice"

with Sarah Durney Hatcher

30th September -  6th October 

Join Sarah for six-days of dedicated morning and afternoon ashtanga yoga practice. Mornings include guided pranayama and chanting followed by Mysore or Led Ashtanga Class; afternoon workshops consist of yoga sūtra study, Vedic chanting, åsana investigation and meditation.


For more info:

Ashtanga yoga retreat with Tanya & Torsten

7th - 13th October 


Time for practice - time for nature & silence - time for being alone & sitting together - time for excursions & relaxation


YogaTherapy Retreat with Paulina, Natural Joy Yoga

14th - 20th October 


During this 6 days retreat you may find the opportunity to reconnect and renew, practice daily dynamic yoga combined with yoga therapy practices, breathwork and Yoga Nidra. 

Even though these practices are powerful, the approach during this retreat is lighthearted and intended to offer you tools to navigate your daily life and inspire your days.


We will create a safe environment to practice Yoga, share experiences and enjoy the charm of Italian life.

Screenshot_20210803-121430_Gallery (1).webp

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Santiago Pinto

21st - 27th October 



This in an invitation to deepen the understanding of this beautiful practice, giving easy understood aspects of yoga philosophy, anatomy and techniques to help you go to the next level in an secure way.

Santiago 2.jpg

If you would like to be kept informed of upcoming retreats please contact Mark by email, or fill out the online enquiry form below.

We hope to see you at YogApulia!

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