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  • We currently have a recycling system for plastic, metal, glass, paper and cardboard and we are looking at ways to reduce our overall use of packaging and other materials. 


  • We have installed a filtered water tap in the main guest dining area to try and reduce the need for people to use plastic water bottles


  • Recently we have started making our own plant based milks which means we have reduced the amount of food packaging we generate.


Food Waste

  • We recycle all of our organic waste which is then used to feed our plants around the centre and our vegetable garden.  Our amazing chefs are also really good at using as much of the food ingredients as can be used. As an example  the pulp left over from the fruit juicer is often used to create fruit cakes.


Food Produce

  • Based on some principles of permaculture including the use of swales to  better capture the rain water, we are growing our own  fruit and vegetables  including tomatoes, aubergines, courgette, fennel, salad, rocket and cucumber.  We are also planting more fruit trees to go with our fig and cherry trees.  All of the food we grow is used in kitchen to feed our guests.  This has the added benefits of reducing waste from food packaging.

Olive Harvest

  •  Every second year  we harvest our olive trees to produce olive oil,  available to our guests when the season begins!

Solar Heating

  • Two large solar panels now provide the majority of our hot water during the warm, sunny months from April to October.  We are exploring ways of extending this to provide power for the electricity


Water Harvesting

  • November and December are the wettest months in Puglia and we wanted to capture as much of the rain ws we can to use during the very dry summer months.One of the largest sources  we have for water harvesting is the winter swimming pool cover which is 45 square meters with a depth of approximately 400mm. The rain water is then piped down to our main water storage tank which holds approximately four thousand litres.


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