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Ashtanga Yoga Retreat:
Taking your practice to a deeper level with Eva Ugolini

29th June - 5th July  2024

About the Retreat

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 In this beautiful frame of the wild nature of Southern Italy, Eva will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful depths of your yoga practice.

During this one week retreat, you will start the day with your Mysore practice and in the late
afternoons there will be pranayama, meditation, chanting, playgrounds on asana techniques
and plenty of space for sharing and open conversations.

These practices, taken altogether, allow us to enter into a fascinating world of self-enquiry
where Yoga exists as an internal, contemplative practice, bringing awareness into our daily
life, leading to live a more balanced, healthier and happier life.

During the day there will be plenty of space to enjoy private time, relax by the swimming pool,
sit under a fig tree with a book, go to the beach or explore the beautiful surroundings of the
stunning YogApulia, where time seems to have stopped. 

Through her solid experience both as practitioner and teacher, Eva will meet your individual
needs, guiding your progress with enthusiasm, support, dedication and great compassion.

Eva Ugolini

My deep love and dedication for Ashtanga yoga have their roots in my Ayurvedic studies
when, almost 20 years ago, I started to immerse myself into the understanding of the Indian
traditional medicine and its way to look at the human being from a broader perspective, and
since then both disciplines are part of my daily life. 

Embracing fully these two sister sciences naturally brought me to a big choice: leaving behind
what was not longer fulfilling my purpose and give myself a new fresh start. This is when I
moved to Amsterdam where, for about 13 years, I had the opportunity to immerse my self into
my yoga practice and studies, to start teaching and sharing my love for this so unique practice
and to hold a daily Mysore Program at the prestigious school Delight Yoga.

During that time I traveled a lot to deepen my understanding of the practice under the
guidance of many great teachers. Among them, David Swenson was my very first source of
inspiration and had a great impact on my way of connecting to the practice and embracing it
on a deeper level.

Lino Miele had a big influence on my cultivation of discipline on the mat and body-breath

And nowadays Petri Raisanen has a great role in bringing to my practice and teaching the
elements of contemplation, inner quiet, safe and caring touch, and a broader view towards the
Ashtanga Yoga practice and its evolution over the past decades.

And Eddie Stern, who has opened a big window into how I can experience my practice and
teaching on more subtle levels and as a tool of expansion of my awareness in all aspects of my
life and my being. 

The practice is a ritual for me, a source of steadiness within, a sacred time to be entirely by
myself and within myself. It’s a tool to maintain inner quiet, to connect to to my inner sense of
self, to get to understand who I am, what I am doing here and what is my purpose in life. 

Today I very happily teach between Amsterdam and Rome, where I recently moved back, as a
way to share my love, joy and dedication for this practice which can enrich our lives with
extraordinary vitality and creativity on all levels.

What's included?

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 2 delicious plant based meals daily, to include breakfast/brunch and evening dinner

  • Light snacks and refreshments including, a selection of teas, coffee, water & fruit

  • Wi fi internet connection

  • Daily mysore practice

  • Afternoon sessions to include, pranayama, meditation, chanting, playgrounds on asana techniques
    and plenty of space for sharing and open conversations.

What's not included?

  • Flights

  • Transport to/from the retreat centre ( YogApulia can help organise local taxis, this will be an additional cost paid direct to the taxi driver)

  • Travel/medical insurance

  • Massages - available upon request at additional cost

Accommodation and Facilities

Our retreat centre is set in 2.5 acres of grounds in a valley filled with olive and almond groves.  


Accommodation consists of six twin rooms  and one double room all with private ensuite bathroom. All rooms have been renovated to a high standard using locally sourced materials, to create a luxurious yet simple and understated feel. A large outdoor courtyard provides the main communal eating space, and several outdoor terraces offer a place to relax in the sun or the shade.


Situated at the heart of the complex, the salt water swimming pool acts like a colourful meeting point – with the blue water combining with the green olive trees and the red soil.

Food plays a central role in both our yoga practice and life. We believe food should be varied, unprocessed and nourishing to promote energy and wellbeing. The food we serve is plant based. All produce we source and grow at YogApulia is local, seasonal and organic wherever possible. 

Refreshments are also available throughout the day and include tea, coffee, water & fruit.

The international airport at Brindisi is approximately 40 minutes drive away and Bari is further to the north approximately 55 minutes drive. Hiring a car in Puglia is relatively inexpensive and provides a great way to explore the surrounding countryside, local historical towns and beaches. Both Bari and Brindisi airports have a large selection of hire car companies including Avis and Hertz. It is recommended to book a car before your arrival. Alternatively, we can arrange a taxi to collect you on your arrival.

For more  information please email

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